Jan is an artist who works in many different media. Her work is greatly informed by her life in Maui, respecting the traditions and myths of ancient Hawaiian culture. This site – We Live In A Postcard – presents her photography, focusing on the moments and the people and the creatures that make Maui so special. Playing with the dynamics of light that fill the landscape, from mauka to makai, Jan not only captures the uniqueness of the aina, her work also embraces the rhythms of daily life, taking ordinary moments and interpreting them each as extraordinary. Living by the restless ocean, Jan takes in its power and its beauty, while also closely observing the people and the whales and other wildlife that play and live in the water, yielding a fascinating study in the dance of life.

Jan is also a fiber artist whose work celebrates the power of texture and color in revealing the beauty of life and of the human experience. Her passion is dyeing, and her artistic journey has led her to evolve novel techniques for discharging and mark making. You can see more of her fiber art at Creations By Jan.

Jan is currently working with her husband in developing a major transmedia documentary for broadcast: Computing: The Human Experience.